Lana started Ladies Nation from her bedroom back in summer 2016. All she had was an instagram account and a dream. She moved to NYC with a small bag and a couple of samples she handmade back home. A year later was launched. In just 2 years the brand has been seen on celebrities around the world. Ladies Nation has been featured in 15+ music videos, Fabolous and Daddy Yankees’s music videos being the most recent ones, and is wanted for an upcoming Dope Boys 2020 movie. What started as a clothing line inspired by old school music, over the time it became the whole movement, culture, mindset and community. Ladies Nation continues to build a strong community of likeminded boss bitches and with it's unique story, design and message is a brand to watch. The brand’s mission is to empower and inspire the women to be the best version of themselves. Ladies Nation culture teaches women not to settle for less than they deserve. Ladies Nation is this fierce, independent woman, she is the boss of her own life, she knows her worth and she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants.