In summer 2016. LADIES NATION was just a dream written on the wall of a tiny bedroom.

Lana (aka Lana Boss), the founder and designer of LADIES NATION, moved from across the ocean to New York City with a couple of samples she handmade back home and an instagram account for the brand. A year later ladiesnation.com was launched.

What started as a streetwear clothing line inspired by old school music, over the next 2 years became a lifestyle brand representing movement, culture and a mindset.

Ladies Nation is building a community of like minded boss bitches and with it's unique story, statement pieces and strong message is a brand to watch. Ladies Nation is on the mission to empower and inspire the women to become the best version of themselves. Brand's culture teaches women to never settle for less than they deserve.

Ladies Nation is this fierce, independent woman, she is the boss of her own life, she knows her worth and she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants.

In less than 3 years since it's official launch LADIES NATION has been seen on celebrities around the world.

It has been featured in over 15 music videos, Fabolous , Daddy Yankees’s  and Trina's music videos being the most recent ones, had a feature in a song and is wanted for an upcoming Dope Boys 2020 movie.

Read Lana's interview with So She Slays magazine here: LANA BOSS ON CREATING HER BRAND

Naomi about the brand

Watch the interview with Naomi Alabi, the founder and CEO of Street Society and Street Fashion Week.



I want to make you feel like there's nothing in this world you can't do. Ladies Nation mindset and clothes in every woman's life, that's my mission.

- Lana Boss, founder and CEO

5 Ladies Nation Instagram Accounts

Today the brand has 5 official instagram accounts:


Ladies Nation 1st official and main account.


This account is featuring music videos featuring the brand as well as the dancers wearing LADIES NATION in their videos


The newest addition to Ladies Nation family, launched in March 2020 features women accross the world wearing their Ladies Nation pieces. Tag it if you get some merch!

The account also serves as a customer support via dm.


If you live in New York and go out a lot, you probably heard about Ladies Nation Nights.

A weekly events produced by the brand are held at the highend venues in Manhattan and free for anyone who owns Ladies Nation merch. Yes, for real.

Are you in?

Culture. Mindset. Movement.

For independent Queens working for their throne.


Ladies Nation has women in 6 different continents repping the brand.
Become a part of the history in the making.